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Why Not Take It To Infinity? An amazing reality book of one-liners. These incredible one-liners of the “Why Not’s?” will intrigue you and open your mind-set.

Author, Dan The Man enjoyed many daily conversations of the “Why Not’s?” throughout his travels in the sunshine state of Florida. He cherished this trip to be a valuable asset to everyone who expressed their honest views.

These one-liners of the “Why Not's?” that were expressed each day were of reality, of the unexpected, stunning looks, of humor and laughter, of sadness, of feeling the expressions, of thinking it, of consideration, and of much true enjoyment.

This non-fiction book of the “Why Not's?” keeps you on the edge of your comfort zone. Each short dialogue presents every avenue of everyday real life. There are no dull moments of “Why Not Take It To Infinity?” It’s all real and opens your eyes with many expressions that will not be forgotten!

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It's always a great opportunity to be a fly on the bathroom wall,
experience each conversation, and be
 a spectator of naughty

confessions. These stories are profane, wild, kinky, funny, off-the-wall,

erotic, raw, sexy, bad-boy talks, and hilarious. These real talks take

place at the urinals, at the bathroom door, at each stall, and in the sink

areas. They are highly lit at celebrity parties, special events, and other

unbelievable parties in Florida nightclubs and mansions.

The author has signed release forms from each main character,

enabling him to write these naughty confessions. All participants have

agreed to use their nicknames or fictitious name. All the stories are

true. You, the reader, will laugh, hysterically!

Each conversation reveals naughty confessions of the participants,

their friends, their romantic partners, mistresses, strangers, and loved

ones. There are stories of pranks, orgies, and one-night stands.

Enjoy this nonfiction collection of naughty reality that takes place

in the men's room. There are many unexpected surprises and outrageous

conversations. These are stories like no other.

This delightfully humorous book provides a serious education about the reality of working in a men’s nightclub restroom in the hospitality industry—a fun part-time job with the potential for an amazing income—but only for those with the exuberance of a positive, winning mindset! While researching this book, the author visited 40 nightclubs to observe restroom attendants and found there were only a handful of concierges who were both pleasant and professional—those with a friendly smile and a firm handshake, a great sense of humor, excellent communication skills, and a compassionate heart. Professional concierges take pride in their work, and Dan the Man shows how it’s done. With raw, slice-of-life conversations emphasizing the fun and humorous side of this business, Hi, I Am Dan the Man, Your Concierge contains tips and wisdom that can be applied to all customer service and hospitality careers!
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